26 July 2006

Why this blog?

So i have jumped on to the bandwagon.. and I have my own blog now.. which essentially means that i now formally EXIST in the web world.. This was coming since a LONG time but either i was too lazy to move my ass or i was too lazy to move my ass.. But Here I am..
"Gaurav Gyan" : Its neither the most unique blog in the world nor it is something you actually would look forward to get some "gyan". This Blog is actually a space to share all my weird, eccentric ideas and philosophies which nobody listens neither cares about.. But now i have an outlet to all my crazy thoughts and viewpoints..
In the next few posts i hope to share some of my weirdness with all those who care and even those who don't.. So watch this space for some more "Gaurav Gyan"

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