27 October 2010

Rajni's laws apply to murphy

25 October 2010

‎#Brakingnews: dibakar banerjee plans a sequel to LSD. Names it love, sex aur KLPD

23 October 2010

Holding onto the most favorite thing, the sweetest one the king of the king.
You were the best I had, you were comparable to none.
A sudden push and the world shattered, rest in peace, oh my CK ONE :(

20 October 2010

Har kamyabi ke peeche kisi ka haath hota hai. Aur Nakamyabi ke peeche kisi ki ungli :P

18 October 2010

Niagara falls, viagra rises ;)

17 October 2010

Baawara Mann Dekhne chala ek sapnaaa... Inception Dekhi aur confuse ho gaya :P

15 October 2010

Braking news: maneka gandhi launches campaign against mosquito repellants.. Goes all out against allout

10 October 2010

Braking News: Playboy gets inspired from Amazon's Kindle. Launches its own porn ebook reader. Calls it Fondle
'Normal' friendship follows 'normal' curve
‎38-27-36.. Now that's a medal's tally even bipasha would be proud of.

*Commonwealth games

07 October 2010

Braking News: Pratibha Patil woke up all scared last night. Sources claim she saw a nightmare, Kalmadi calling her Shivraj Patil in the closing ceremony