27 August 2010

What!!!! Boca juniors is not the collective name for lalu's kids??? Like seriously????? ;)

24 August 2010

No you idiot. Happy rakhi has got nothing to do with her winning some reality show!

21 August 2010

Of course you are fat... coz the only thing running in your body is your nose !

17 August 2010

Upar wala jab deta hai, to chappar phaad ke deta hai.. aur jab leta hai, to phaad deta ha

13 August 2010

Braking News: Bindass launches a woman's channel. Names it as BINDIs. :P

08 August 2010

George Screw Kas presents Star Whores. Starring Nude Skywanker, Hand Solo, Princess Ley Liya and Queen Abhi Dala

03 August 2010

Dear FB, i don't want to be a Beta Tester. Beti Tester ka kaam ho to batana :P #hawwwcheapjoke

02 August 2010

What did Sunanda tell Shashi?? Thoda aur Push kar :P

01 August 2010

This rainy season Municipal Corporation of Delhi proudly brings to you. GUTTER WARS: REVENGE OF THE SHIT *releasing soon in a gutter near you :-P