28 March 2010

Things a female guitar player will never say: "My G-String is not in tune"

27 March 2010

Why one is only called a ditcher (read: Ditch-her) irrespetive of the gender

18 March 2010

I think woman-kind is an oxymoron

15 March 2010

If a girl is described as a hot chick. Can a guy be described as a hot Cock??

14 March 2010

Not sure if you should be happy if somebody asks you to 'keep it up' ;)

12 March 2010

Does Abhishek play Oonglicricket with Ash too

08 March 2010

Wish there was a international woo-men day too

03 March 2010

No wonder my favorite game is BED-MINTON!

02 March 2010

Now i know why people say Every Dog has his day.. Coz nights are ruled by bitches you see!!

01 March 2010

This holi may god give you pink health and save you from yellow fever.

You don't get green with envy or Red with Anger.

Nobody is able to beat you black and blue.

Even if you act as jerk, nobody throws a shoe at you.

May your dear ones are always in your sight.

May the next year be as bright as Tide(or Rin) white.


Happpie Holiiiii.....