29 January 2010

What??? iPAD is not a sanitary napkin by apple???

28 January 2010

Its good to have friends who like it when You're around. But its better to have friends who miss you when you are not

23 January 2010

Q. Why did Veer flop?? A. Nobody was 'Veer' enough to check out the movie even once.

No wonder Gujjus like 'Che na Murgi' so much !! ;-)

18 January 2010

Q. What's a mobile called when no sim has ever been inserted in it?
A. A 'virgin' mobile ;)

13 January 2010

lonavala chiki tagline: ajab prem ki 'gajak' kahani ;-)

11 January 2010

Relationships are like books. You enjoy it till you're reading. But in the end, you have to turn the page and start a new one!

09 January 2010

Strangers meet and quickly become friends.
Sometimes its different, others its like a normal trend.
Usually it happens in due course, sometimes with a rapid pace.
Yes, i'm trying hard But can't take that stupid smile off my face! :-)

07 January 2010

Mathematician Bahu: 'Pi' Laagooon Sasu maa !!!

06 January 2010

Hum to khud ke aks mein bhi unhe dhoonda karte the.
Kya karein 'gar hamein hi aainaa dikha diya gya!
Jude law and robert downey jr. Wtf! Sherlock holmes or sherlock homos..

05 January 2010

Q. Name the only woman to have visited the moon twice???
A. Moon Moon sen.. ;)
Expectations are the rooftops through which friendships commit suicide!!!!
Q. Why should you be well read to avoid constipation?
A. Readers digest ! ;-)

04 January 2010

No wonder knight riders got screwed in IPL.
Next season hope they 'ride' less at night!!!! ;-)

03 January 2010

Friendships are like Bell curve, but better to be in the left tail than right !!! ;-)

02 January 2010

WTF!!!! 'Che' guevara was not gujju????

01 January 2010

God i wish the new year to bring all the smiles.
Keep it healthy and i travel many more miles.
Give a sane head but keep the restless of a child.
Keep the fire burning, energies at full and let it be wild.