13 August 2006

SureShot Way to kill Brilliance and Creativity: Examinations..

The only constant thing in life.. is NOT change.. its Examination..
Exams Exams and More Exams.. and thats about it.. Doing an MBA itself is too arduous and we have this trimester system and shit on the cake is Mid-Trimester Exams.. Come on guys.. Get a Life.. Giving assignments where you are supposed to exercise your right, left or center brain is something else.. but Having Exams every 40 Days is another..

Sometimes i feel like a Dog in China being sterilized by the local authorities.. but in this case the weapon used is the almighty pen through which the faculty gives marks..

I know some amount of creative genius is required here as well.. I mean, who can write the same sentence in 17 differet styles.. sometimes active..other passive.. and meaning nothing.. But for god's sake.. This is not going to count ANYWHERE in life..

No Creative Geniuses were made in B-Schools.. but what to do.. the only sure shot way to get a six( or even seven) figure salary in this country is only through a piece of paper called the MBA degree.. Business Success comes through Innovation and Creativity and not mugging up crap.. It comes through exericing your grey cells and thinking laterally and finding a gap in the market..(if it doesnt exist, then by very well creating a PERCEIVED gap in the minds of the consumer)..

I feel so goddamn bored till the brim.. No excitement.. No Challanges.. Just mundane studies.. Assignments.. Projects.. Showing your PPT Prowess.. thats it.. for heaven's sake.. guys get a life... Go out and Have Fun..

Hmmm.. Actually i hv got Two exams tomorrow so won't be able to write much.. So up i go to scale the business landscape through business strategy and trying to juggle my way into the Management Control Systems.. (though nothing systematic nor strategic about my preparations)..

Till next time.. i have this strange urge to write some crap which neither my roommates nor anybody else in the world cares about.. BBye..