31 July 2010

Doesnt IT returns sound like a movie sequel? :-P

26 July 2010

Thinks the all-out machine would be an amazing French kisser. ;) #getit

25 July 2010

Braking News: Morgan freeman to start in nolan's next called INCESTION !!!! :-P
The kinda prices apple charges I think soon buyer will be called an iASS.

24 July 2010

Dedication to ex-girlfriend:

Oh my love.. wherever I look, I see only you.
I wanna hold your hand forever, thats what I wanna do.
Oh my darling, I love you too because you're sweet, smart and funny.
But I'm gonna marry him coz he's got all the money
So what if 72 yr old Morgan decides to marry his 27 yr old step granddaughter. After all, he's a free man :-P

22 July 2010

Braking news. Chak de sequel on the cards after kaushik resigns. SRK to take inspiration from his darr performance :-P
Braking News: Reckitt Benckiser buys Durex maker SSL.. To launch Antiseptic Condoms :-P

11 July 2010

Imagine... One of the greatest philosophers in human history is called 'Confucius' !!!! #getit

09 July 2010

Braking News : Cristiano Ronaldo slaps k'naan after listening wavin' flag. He says,'Why wave the flag, when you can flag the pole' ;) #getit