30 June 2010

As a principle,I never wish any guy friend 'good night sleep tight' ;-)

23 June 2010

Q. Why does simpoo respect zinedin zidane so much?
A. Coz he thought he was his zizou ;-)

22 June 2010

WTF!!! And all those years i thought STANDARD was a symptom for breast cancer.. #useyourbrainspj

19 June 2010

And i thought BCC was two hindi gaalis spoken in quick succession !

11 June 2010

If you have the will, you will..

10 June 2010

WTF!!! The song Bheegi Si Bhaagi Si is NOT inspired from a hidden cam scandal !!!! like seriously???

04 June 2010

What??? 'Faggot' is NOT a slang for Smokers??? like seriously??? ;)

02 June 2010

After your third relationship, Can you call the first one your 'Triple X'