27 December 2009

Q. How does a condom help in reducing telephone bill?
A. No STDs !!!

25 December 2009

I wish christmas was a girl. Then i could've also had a 'marry' christmas! ;-)

23 December 2009

Q. What's the winner of a fishing competition called?
A. A Master Baiter ;-)
RGV planning a sequel to 'Rann' with the cast of 'D' called 'Rann-D'
Dear FB, i dont like Poker but yeah would definitely wont mind a 'POKE HER' game!!

20 December 2009

#Suggestivepunchlines: Gillette Presto: Zada jaldi karoge to Katt jayega!!
Arey wah, Aapke aur mere khaya-laat kitne milte hain!!!!"
Kya Aapka shoe size bhi 7 hai???
#Suggestivepunchlines: " Polo: Whats your hole story? " ;-D
#Suggestivebrandnames: ITC launches new brand of potato chips called 'Bang Ho'

18 December 2009

Mahindra's rural tagline: sab 'logan' ki gaadi.

17 December 2009

Doublemeaningoffers: do u want a 'fag'??

16 December 2009

Is wondering if superman is a part of a 'frequent flier' program!

No wonder its called ASS-PIRATIONAL target

15 December 2009

Never trust mallika sherawat's word. she only believes in 'lip service'

No wonder most people hated The 'Ex' Files!!!

12 December 2009

#Doublemeaning songs: Pocket mein 'Rocket' hai!!

10 December 2009

what is bachhendri pal's fav sex position? Ans: woman on top! ;-)

08 December 2009

Himesh to Ranbir: Jai Mata Di, Lets Rock(et)!!!

06 December 2009

Love is more a function of time, than feelings

Funny thing about conversations: The More frequently you talk the more you 'have' stuff to talk about. The less you talk, more difficult you find what to talk about..

03 December 2009

Assesing 'self' worth: whats your biggest achievement apart from being your father's son?

02 December 2009

If you dont have time for your friends today.
Tomorrow, you will have all the time but no friends

01 December 2009

"Aur bhi Gum hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa.

Aur Unmein se Fevicol sabse accha chipkaata hai.. "

Pickup line in Inflationary Time:

"Hey, Did you hear Delhi Jal Board increased the water tariff by 50%? Why don't we bathe together tomorrow?"

30 November 2009

"If men are from Mars and Women from Venus.

Then, Earth pe kya Family Planning ke liye aaye the???"

27 November 2009

Been almost a week since i am having this block.
As if I am staring at the mirror and am being mocked..
So called 'creativity; out of the window, Wit ka Bulb bhi ho gaya hai fuse.
May be i need somebody to inspire, A friend or better still a Muse !!!!

17 November 2009

Is baar mohabbat ka irada hai mausiki se..
Iqraat na bhi kare toh kya hua, kamskam dagaa to na degi

13 November 2009

Dont hesitate, just say whats in your heart.
You may land up together, or at worst you may get apart..
Strike when the iron is hot and dont think later ke 'kash, sala main dil mein nahi rakhta'.
Kyonki ek baar thanda ho gaya jo loha to kissi ka baap usse garam nahi kar sakta..

12 November 2009

Had a busy day in office and u feel like shit.
Yes, i have had enough and this is it..
Forget all the problems, forget all the pain.
Feel the drops on your face and smell the scent, of the first winter rain.

11 November 2009

I still remember those school n college days.
Now, all's lost in the corporate rat race..
That carefree nature and feelin like a small pup..
oh god, pls do smthing abt it, coz i dont wanna grow up!!!

10 November 2009

'Golden' Years!!! Really???

It was a pretty strange feeling today. I was coming back from the temple and saw an old lady (like really really really old). She must have been more than 70 years and also had a back problem. She was stooping like a bow and was struggling to cross the road. As 100s of others who just passed by, not because they didnt want to help or anything else, its just that she was just not noticable enough for anybody. She was not the poor types. Just old.. Too Old.. Thats it. And ya, I was no different and almost went past. And then i could just hear a whisper. I couldnt understand what she said, but guessed that she wanted somebody to help her cross the road. Then nothing else, I just grabbed her hand and we crossed the road. I know. No big Deal!!! right? i agree. But not for her. She kept on thanking me again and again (which again i could hardly understand). Blessing me repeatedly. Kept Calling me Beta Beta. And off she went. And i went mine.

And it was over. or did it 'start'?? Honestly, I dont know. But for me, it was like living my own old age in front of me. 50 years too early i guess!! I started wondering what her story was (or even if she had a story at all!) If she had kids?? If yes, then why dint they come to the temple with her? Or Did she have anybody at all? Why would she wanna take such pains just to visit the temple?? How difficult it is for her to step out of her house every time she does? How many times in a day would she have to use that small whisper to make somebody take notice of her presence and help her? How would it feel to be invisible amongst thousands? How would it feel to be just another old man/woman in the crowd? Are these really the golden years that they are supposed to be??

She went her way and i was standing back, just looking at her. Infact, could feel something wet in my eye too. And she just walked away. Walked away step by step. And i saw her whole life in every step. Every Single step was as full of struggle as a life time. Every step mocking the whole purpose of life. IF there is a purpose. Apart from 'Survival'. Every single day. Every single Moment. Every Single Step. We are just surviving. Not 'living'. An endless journey towards an unknown destination. Just a walk. Long Walk.

All our life, we keep struggling to reach a destination. But nobody knows 'what' that destination is?? There are just milestones on a long road. We keep going from one to the other. Studies. Job. Car. Bigger Car. Marriage. Home. Bigger Home. Kids. Their Studies. Their Marriage. and it goes on and on and on. Just the long road!!! We meet companions (or co travellers if you wish to call them) who travel with us for a while and then take their own way forward. But at the end, what we are always left with is our own self. Just that loneliness (Or even Helplessness). I dont know what more to write coz i just feel blanked out. May be thats because i do not know what my old age would be like. Or rather, i dont 'expect' it to be like this. But Would that woman have thought otherwise? Just a thought. Will add when i 'Know' what i want to say!

03 November 2009

I missed you like crazy all this time..
i kno this sounds stupid n doesnt even rhyme..
2 years of wait and all those sighs..
but now i m here oh dear mumbai!

27 October 2009

Yest i was having a few amazing chats..
my friend was a bit jealous coz of my FB Stats..
Today i come to the office and i feel kinda locked..
Now i check my network and FB is blocked...

26 October 2009

Wo the DDLJ ka last Scene.
In love Raj and Simran for quite long, had been...
Raj ne train se apna haath badhaya.
Simran ne bhi poore zor se bhagne mein apna dum lagayaa...
Raj Bola, "Come fast my love, main chahta hu tumhare sath apni zindagi bitana".
Simran badi mehnat se 1 glass haath mein thamaakar boli, "Bhaiya, Next time aao to mere FB 'Cafe World' ki Chai peekar zarooor jana

25 October 2009

Humne do lamhein intezaar ko kaha aur wo khafaaa ho gaye..
Aur ek hum hai jo intezaar mein zindagi kaate ja rahe hain.

"Found a new friend some time back.
She was almost perfect and nothing she would lack..
She had Big, Dark Eyes and an ammazing Smile.
I kept staring at her picture, all this while..
I aint no normal jack, She aint no normal Jill.
The beginning ended, when she said, "Yes i like you, but I love Farmville"

21 October 2009

Its YOU who decides, to be happy or sad.

Dont bother abt wat was once yours or wat u cud have had...

Relax n take it easy, take some time to unwind.

coz being sad or happy is just a state of mind..

19 October 2009

Its kinda irritating when you wake up too early.

Your eyes are too small and your hair is curly..

Pls let me sleep some more, pls for heaven's sake.

Oh, i forgot... To mention that terrible headache!!!

18 October 2009

Expectations are like Tight Rope Walking.. The higher you go, Harder the Fall!!!

The day to go and visit, a friend for years you had to meet.

The day to burst crackers and DO something sweet..

To Forget all the miseries and cease all the fights.

Make the darkness vanish and let there be light..

Happy Diwali

15 October 2009

People are so obsessed with the future.. Everybody wants to get lucky.

I am so fed up now with Anita, Mirror and The Cookie..

Dont worry about the future, and forget about the past.

Present is what matters, enjoy till it lasts..

13 October 2009

You look at her and realize she's the one.. She's just perfect, her smile is like the early morning sun... It Feels like a feather, but strikes like a whip., When you read her status and it says 'In a Relationship' !!!

12 October 2009

Bass issi intezaar mein fanaa ho jaenge.. ke bass zabaan pe ek lafz to aa jaye....
Jald se kar do izhar, Kahin tum der kar do aur hamaare pote poti na ho jaye...

11 October 2009

Lose Anything and Back You Can Get...

Lose and Its Gone Forever, Its called Self Respect!!!

A New morning , A New Ray... A New Hope, A New Day.. All's good but still something is amiss.. Hope all have a great day, and thats all i wish!!

07 October 2009

Its past midnight and no sign of sleep. Theres a strange feel in my heart, down very deep..
I wonder what is wrong, coz time has lost its pace. I'm trying my level best but cant take that smile off my face..
I wonder whats it called. I wonder what feel is this. Why am i so confused now or is it what i think it is..

Dil mein hai dard.. Uth ta hai baar baar..

Kaash kambakhton ne 'Dil-prin' banayi hoti..

05 October 2009

Love is not about waiting for someone special but being with someone you know and making life special... Together.

03 October 2009

You were the only one i ever had. Without you i am all alone and going mad !!

You were always with me in shade or sun. Nothing can replace you, coz you were the one !!

I dont know how would i get over it, dont know if i Can. Will always love you as ever, Oh my 'Aviators Ray Ban' !!!!!

01 October 2009

Friendship is like whiskey not a Tequila shot.. The slower, The better..

30 September 2009

When one door closes. The other is opened. But we keep staring at the closed door so long that we do not see the new one opened.. (Via a friend's status msg).. And THEN... Somebody else walks through the open door and the new one Closes too.. A...nd you end up looking like an Idiot staring at the closed door (again)..

28 September 2009

Andhon ka Haathi!!!

Arent all of us trying to judge and describe 'others' as blind men trying to describe how an elephant looks like (or rather would like) to ourselves(and to the world)???

A thought just struck my mind and as always I decided to pen(read: type) it down. Neither is it self indulgent, Nor is it supposed to start a deep thinkin process towards self realization. And ya, It is too common sensical too.. I mean its too obvious that these things happen.. and hey, i am not claiming that i write 'thought provoking serious issue' type gyaan only.. and ya one more thing, For all of my yesteryear's DramSoc friends.. No, The post is also NOT about the play that we performed in 2001 at BITS pilani. ;-)

For eg. In the classic story which all of us would have read already. 5 Blind men are trying to describe how an elephant looks like. Somebody who feels the tail, describes him as a rope. The one who feels the stomach, describes him as a big Wall. And so on and so forth with other body parts and different interpretations and They keep fighting that the elephant ONLY is like the part as THEY(individually) describe him.

Well, I think over the years I (as all of us) have met 100s of people and most (depending on what stage of your lifecycle you meet them in) have formed an opinion about me. For some, I am a carefree, snobbish guy who wouldnt care a damn about anything or anybody. For some, I will always be a Happy go lucky, PJ King kinda guy who would just keep cracking jokes at every single moment possible. For some, I might be a senti idiot who will take everything to his heart and just cannot get over stuff and move on with life. For some, I was a dopey with shoulder length hair and a goatie (ya, even though i never took a drag everrr in my life, I was always asked.. Batla, you got some grass!!!). And for others (for obvious reasons) I am the biggest loser to have walked this planet EVERR.

My point is(and its very simple and straight foward), that I dont think ANY of us can be described as ONE individual trait. I mean, X is funny, Y is an Idiot, Z is a loser etc etc. Of all the people we have met (and i am not talkint about 5-6 'close' friends who know you in an out), we tend to spend very little time with them and then in that small amount of time we tend to make judgements and create our own 'images' (or perceptions) about those people. And try to fit people in those cilos. Similar to the elephant story, We try to just think about that person as what WE think, he or she is. (I am also a part of the same group and its human tendency coz obviously we its practically impossible to know EVERYBODY in detail and try to analyze each and every person, anyways).

Okay, Honestly I am not clear as to why i am writing the post or even if i HAVE a point, let alone put it across. i just believe that nobody is one trait. Every single person is complex and behaves differently according to the situation. So one can be funny, serious, senti, carefree all in a single day. What i only wish to convey is that, rather than just judging a person on what ever little that you know of. Do not make judgements. Do not fit a person in YOUR silo. Do not think of him/her as a unidimensional characteristic. Rather, if you like THAT part then try to just let it be or better still, explore more, learn more, and THEN formulate your opinion(if you have to have to formulate, that is). Just dont generally categorize people as funny, dumb, senti, carefree, careless, mature, immature, loving, not loving, rude, sweet, etc etc etc. KNOW a bit, then know some MORE, and THEN formulate your opinions.. Good, Bad, whatever that may be..

25 September 2009

When your mind is troubled and heart's got some heavy load...

All you need, is your favorite music CD and an empty Road...

13 September 2009

Friend: Pls do me a favor! Become my neighbour in farmville.. Plssss..

Batla: Noooo. i HATE that shit!! Ask anything but this!!

Friend: Fine, Then get a girlfriend and donate her to me!!

Batla: Wait, let me think about farmville again!!

12 September 2009

Katna Zindagi ka Niyam Hai: The cellphone Story

Preface: Friend buys phone. I Fall in lov with it. Get too feely, Sell my phone before evening and buy the new feely one!! yippiieee..

{Flashback: In full sepia tone}

Location: Some busy Redlight crossing
A guy knocks at my left window gesturing in a way that my car's tyre is on his foot. I open the window to know what it is.. Another guy knocks on the right. I turn right and With in a second, the left guy reaches for my mobile and runs. I look left. Gone. I look right. Gone. (I look stupid.. Yes) Red light turns Green. I come outta car. Asks a few policemen, They say yeah, we saw them running but obv u cant find them now.. poor you(You, Loser!!)!!

{Flashback 2: Still Sepia}

I buy the same phone(ya.. again.. coz i m in louuu with it).. Works pretty well and i m pretty happy despite paying twice for it!! Suddenly (although everything else seems to work) the touch screen stops working.. and i cant access ANY applications(including sms, keypad or phonebook)..

Service center 1: Wait for 1 hr and 30 minutes.
SC Guy1: "The touch screen aint working!! Gotta replace it.. Will take a week !!! (surprise.. surprise!!!)
Batla: "Cant it happen faster!!"
SC Guy1: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If it could, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

Drive.. Drive.. Drive..

Service Center 2: 30 minutes wait time here.
SC Guy2: "The touch screen doesnt work. Will take one week!!" (surprise again..)
Batla : "Cant you check where the touch screen is available in delhi?? I can go and get it from there!!"
SC Guy: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If it could, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

3, 5, 7,10 Days Later (The same scene on all four days)

Batla : "Have you received the part??"
SC Guy: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If I had, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

{Present: Full Technicolor}

Day 12:

Service Center2
Batla: Have you received the part??
SC Guy: "Sorry, Our license to run the authorized service center has been revoked!! Cant repair your phone. Try some other service center!!!!" (In a Sadistic tone)
Batla: Ouch!!!

The Call Center
Batla: Hello, Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. WTF. WTF. WTF. What do i do now???
Phone: "Note this address and come down."

Service Center 3

SC Guy3: The touch screen Doesnt work. (Surprise.. Surprise!!).Wait for 15 minutes(Yeah.. Minutes.. Not Days!!!).
Batla: What!!!!, Are you 'Kidding'???
SC Guy3: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If I was, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

(He wasnt kidding.. He was serious!!)

15 minutes later..

SC Guy: Here you go!!
Batla: Thanks.. (Tears in eyes.. Almost reaching out to kiss the guy (I am so happy that he was a surd (coz i stopped) and not a woman, otherwise i could actually have been beaten up there)).

Moral of the story: All's well that ends well and Katna zindagi ka niyam hai.

(Although it should have taken 15 minutes, in the first place but took 12 days and 15 minutes (And 2 flash backs) )

Sleep is the only thing in the world having a positive AS WELL AS negative correlation with itself!!!

Friend: Whats the most important feature in Cars these days???

Batla : Ground Clearance!!! ;-)

06 September 2009

Lose Anything and Back You Can Get... Lose and Its Gone Forever, Its called Self Respect!!!

05 September 2009

Life is like a staircase.. To move up, you need to leave the first step and move on to the next one!!

03 September 2009

Kya Karein Iss Kaminey Dill ka e Ghalib.. Sab Befikri hai.. Bas Kambakht Kaabu Mein Nahi!!!

30 August 2009

The problem is not when people expect a lot from you. The problem is when they STOP expecting!!!

29 August 2009

Taali Do haathon se bajti hai dost, Ek haath se to bas Chaanta hi pad sakta hai!!!

28 August 2009

Salman trying to buy an IPL Team : Das ka Dum se Gyarah ke Gham tak!!!

25 August 2009

“Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.”- Elie Wiesel

22 August 2009

Signs that ur online a bit too much # 3: You walk into a bar and notice the hottest chick around checking you out. You smile, walk upto her and say 'ASL plz'!!!

18 August 2009

I think, therefore i am.... I Don't, therefore i-pill

The mathematicians never end up being good lovers.. The 'Ex' and 'Why' coordinates always spoil the fun!!!

13 August 2009

The Economics of Relationships

1. The Marginal Utility of the girlfriend goes down once the chase is over and done with and is inversly propotional with the time spent with each other.

2. After the status is changed to committed, the guy always moves to a higher 'indifference' curve

3. There is always an opportunity cost associated with the decision to get in or out of a relationship(which always seems to be wrong later, no matter what your choice has been)

4. 'Production Possibility Frontier' of the neighbouring college always seems to be higher in terms of quality of girls there in.

5. The guy in the BMW will always have a 'comparative advantage' over you

6. There is always perfect competition when you are the 'nerd' kinds.

7. The 'EX' and the 'WHY' coordinates always spoil the plotting of the graphs.

8. 'Capital' is more appropriate for production(or reproduction) as a resource than 'Labour'

9. If the price offered is higher, the 'supply' curve will always shift outwards

10. There is ALWYAS a demand supply mismatch. What you demand is short in supply and what is available is what you dont want.

09 August 2009

Signs that ur online a bit too much # 3: You walk into a bar and notice the hottest chick around checking you out. You smile, walk upto her and say 'ASL plz'!!! ;-)

06 August 2009

All good things come to an end and All Bed things cum in the end!!!

28 July 2009

10 Things you never knew about Delhi Traffic!!

1. The Red light turns green faster, when you stop your car JUST ahead of the Zebra Crossing!

2. As soon as you change your lane in a jam, 'YOUR' lane would start moving faster!!

3. Pedestrians can dodge cars faster than keanu reeves dodges bullets!!

4. If I honk continuously for 25 seconds, the car ahead would automatically turn into a MIG 21!!

5. The autorickshawallah will ALWAYS give the right turn signal and then turn left!!

6. The Traffic always runs faster on the other side of the road!!

7. The first car which the traffic wallah will stop while clearing traffic will be yours!!

8. The traffic jam clears faster, if you start driving on the wrong side of the road!!

9. The Bikewallah will ALWAYS find the space to JUST sneak through, between your car and the road divider!!

10. The Driver behind has to take a test mentioning the nicknames of the kids in my house and who gifted me the car(Dad or Mom or Dad's Mom or Mom's Dad etc etc), as soon as he reaches back home. Or else his licence to drive 'WILL'be cancelled!!!

27 July 2009

Q. Why does Ramnaresh Sarwan consume so much Dispirin??? (Beware: PJs ka baap hai.. PJ of the millenium. Abhi Taaza Taaza dimag mein aaya)

A. Sar+Wan : Sar+One: Head+Ek: Head+Ache..

PS: I know.. u feel like killing me right now!!!

15 July 2009

The 'NICE' Guy

Nice guys:

The ones who are 'perfect boy friend' material but still remain single.
The ones who are 'cute' but not 'hot.
The ones who are just too sweet for everything.
The ones who are 'too nice to date'.
The ones for whom ANY girl would die for, but doesnt.
and lastly..
The ones who are always available at the 11th hour, but not 'required' beyond that!!!

This is a tribute to 'THE NICE GUY'

When you are stuck somewhere between Pareto Optimality theory & Indifference curve analysis and tomorrow morning is the final exam. What do you do? You Call the nice guy.

When you are drunk and can't find the stupid guy you came to party with coz he is with some 'other' hot chick. What do you do? You Call the nice guy.

You cant decide on what do in ANY particular situation from 'would these shoes go with this top' to 'Damn, what do i do now'. What do you do? You Call the nice guy.

You have a fight with your boyfriend who in 'your' terms is an ass, a jerk, un-emotional, insensitive etc etc and you need just a couple o hours of 'talktime' with a close 'friend'. What do you do? You Call the nice guy.

Nice guy as a 'breed' has always been into existence and has the above mentioned characteristics to boast of but no credit for those.The nice guys always have the 'perfect word' to describe how beautiful/pretty/cute/hot/
smart/sexy/amazing/sweet/ at exactly the 'perfect moment'. The nice guys dont get appreciated as often as they should or as a matter of fact dont get laid as much as they should!!!

There are sooo many 'girl' friends of mine who describe their 'perfect' man as one who is smart, intelligent, funny, cute, creative, chivalrous, charactered (if thats a word) etc etc and none of the 'boyfriends' of those girl friends are even in the 200 mile radius of their description. ALL of them have their 'not important' list consisting the 'hot' factor, looks, appearance, status, money etc etc.
But the funny part is, More often than not all these girl friends tend to find the man with not so important factors present but the important characters missing!!!

This post is an appeal to ALL those women who have these nice 'friends' to STOP taking them for granted and start dating them!! Give them what they deserve. Go beyond the 'shoulder' and 'friendly' hugs. Dont 'Awwwww' them. Stop using phrases like 'Thats sooo sweet', 'you are such a sweet heart', 'o my god, you are sooo cute', 'I wish i was single' etc etc.

And Till the time this happens, i just want to reassure all the 'un-valued, un-appreciated, over looked, un-cared for' nice guys of the world. There is always 'hope' at the end. The 'hope' that keeps you going on and on. The 'hope' that one day you might move from having a 'girl friend' to having a ''girlfriend'. The hope that one day your status message at social networking site will flash 'in a relationship' before 'married'.

That one day shall come. Sooner or Later. But yes, till that time, Dont stop being a nice guy, because you are the unsung, nameless and faceless heroes of this world, and all your 'girl friends' need you to be there for them in discotheques, bars, classrooms, shopping malls, to share, to laugh, to cry, to guide, to bitch, to hear, to learn, to whine, to crib.. Wait.. Your time shall too come.. One day.. Sooner or Later.. It shall..

11 July 2009

10 Things you never knew about BARACK O-'BUM-AA...

10 Things you never knew about BARACK O-'BUM'-AA...
  1. He is an 'Ass'-thmatic!!
  2. When he was a kid, he always wanted to be an 'Ass'-tronaut!!
  3. He is planning to change how "Fannie" Mae is spelt in the US!!
  4. Before starting any new project, he consults an 'Ass'-trologer!!
  5. He drives an 'Ass'-ton Martin!!
  6. Apart from Brazillian he loves Indian 'Butt'-er Chicken too!!
  7. His favorite Stallone movie is "Ass-Ass-Ins"
  8. He is such an 'Ass'-tute politician!!
  9. His favorite transformers' character is 'Bum'-blebee!!
  10. 'Butt' Ofcourse, even after this controversy he still is the president of The U-'Ass'.

22 June 2009

10 Things you never knew about Shiney Ahuja!!!

1. He likes stuff which is MAID in India!!
2. Because he is a self-MAID Man!!
3. His Favourite artist is Maid-onna!!
4. He's the only Indian, whom even Australians wont hate. Right 'Maid'???
5. If he goes to Big Brother, all 'house-maids' are gonna love him too!!
6. Soon, He'l be in Maid-ame Tussauds too!!
7. He is the second most popular RAPER after Eminem!!
8. He surely knows how to bowl a Maid-en over!!
9. In college, his favorite subject was Maid-a-physics!!!
10. Why is he called 'SHINEY'??? coz his maid keeps rubbing him all the time!!!

PS : Poor Shiney!!! But kya karein, FEEL aa gayi hogi ;-)

09 June 2009

Friend: Batla, why are you SO self obsessed?

Batla: Darling, If you were HALF as good as good as me, you would have been TWICE as self obsessed as i am right now!

21 May 2009


It was a very strange feeling sometime back. I was driving in the evening and at a usual red light, on a usual crossing, saw a very usual sight. Street 'unprivileged' Kids selling 'stuff' to us, the privileged ones. People shooing them away and the kids coming back with a stronger argument or their 'uncle please le lo na', 'aapki jodi bani rahe bhaiya', 'Didi aap le lo' etc etc. And then the prospective buyers just simply ignoring them, as if they dont exist, acting as if they have just developed a hearing problem and cant listen to them. But then i saw something unusual(to me atleast).

Amongst those kids, i saw this one kid about 12 years old selling pens with an inbuilt torch. The 'difference' was not about the uniqueness of the product promotion he was doing or the product itself. Butthere was a small thing which i noticed. The kid was in his school uniform with a bag on his shoulders. Within a second, i realized that the kid goes to the school in the afternoon and then sells these pens at this crossing.

Suddenly i could feel the whole weight of HIS bag on MY shoulders. Here I am who is never satisfied what he has. Someone who wants more and more and more and there is this kid, who despite all his troubles and problems is carrying the weight of the absence of a silver spoon in his mouth and doing whatever he can do in order to make a living for himself and may be his family.

All our life, we keep cribbing about stuff. We don have this, We dont have that. I deserve this but i cant have it. My friend has got a promotion and I havent. THAT guy drives a BMW at 25 and i drive an XYZ. Blah Blah Blah... Comparisons. and Cribbing have become a cornerstone of our lives. Being Ambitious is one thing but not living in the moment and only worrying about the future is other. The cliche of the glass being half full or half empty is so valid in this case.

Whenever i am in my car, on one hand i see a swanky new 7 Series and say darn.. Why cant have it NOW??? Why do i need to wait for say 15 years to get one for me??? and then i look the other way and see a family of 4 trying to fit themselves on a scooter or a motorcycle with one kid on the fuel tank, the other one in the mother's lap and father struggling to maintain his balance. Add to that the 40 degree temperature of Delhi.

Most of us complain that there is so much traffic on the roads in the evening and it takes me an hour to reach back home etc etc. But how many of us can even imagine how difficult it is to undergo the same journey in a bus.

I know i am sounding like an NGO worker and there is nothing that i am trying to preach too. It is just that i suddenly feel too humbled and lucky to be where I am. I think most of the cribbings in life can go away when we just look around and realized that life is not always like a bed of roses for 99% of the people of the world. We just have been lucky to have born in the families that we belong to and we cant thank God enough, for what we have. Just be thankful to Him for the tiny little comforts that he has bestowed us with and life will be that much more fun. Remember: Life is just the same, it depends on which perspective we want to see it from.