30 November 2010

Me: Ohh.. Hey Dude.. Hows you? Long time.
Friend's Friend: Sorry yaar, pehchana nahi.
Friend: Arey he is Gaurav, He was at KJ Som, Mumbai. Remember, he came home one day?
Friend's Friend: Ohhh yeahhhh... You came with BATLA right??
Me: *Stumped* i AM batla
Q. What's a prostitute who doesn't charge for sex called?
A. Missionary of charity :P

28 November 2010

Braking news: inspired from sheila ki jawani, BSP launches its own campaign song. To be called Maya ki Masti :P

24 November 2010

Braking News: Mollywood protests against #sheilakijawani. Set to launch rival item number called shakeela ki jawani ;)

17 November 2010

With pamela entering bigg boss' house, now we have TWO very important reasons to watch the show. No? ;)

14 November 2010

Come to think of it, a Happy Parents' Night is responsible for a Happy Children's Day :P

09 November 2010

Dear Operations management graduate, "You are six sigma compliant" isn't exactly same as "darling, you are one in a millon"

08 November 2010

Chunnu Munnu The do Bhai.. J&K par hui ladaai..
Jhagda sunn kar Pappa Aaye.. Dono ko do chapat lagaye.
Na aadha lo tum Chunnu beta, Na aadha lo tum munnu beta.
Aisa Jhagda karte rehna, Mera Thenga Chooste rehna.

*In loving memory of the THE president of the united states' visit to India

04 November 2010

Nobody bothers about the old. Sab 60+ uncle logon ko Diwali ki hard-d**k shubh kaamnaayein :P #hawwjokeoftheday

03 November 2010

Given my salary, today should be called Dhan-Taras instead. :( #happydhanteras