22 June 2009

10 Things you never knew about Shiney Ahuja!!!

1. He likes stuff which is MAID in India!!
2. Because he is a self-MAID Man!!
3. His Favourite artist is Maid-onna!!
4. He's the only Indian, whom even Australians wont hate. Right 'Maid'???
5. If he goes to Big Brother, all 'house-maids' are gonna love him too!!
6. Soon, He'l be in Maid-ame Tussauds too!!
7. He is the second most popular RAPER after Eminem!!
8. He surely knows how to bowl a Maid-en over!!
9. In college, his favorite subject was Maid-a-physics!!!
10. Why is he called 'SHINEY'??? coz his maid keeps rubbing him all the time!!!

PS : Poor Shiney!!! But kya karein, FEEL aa gayi hogi ;-)

09 June 2009

Friend: Batla, why are you SO self obsessed?

Batla: Darling, If you were HALF as good as good as me, you would have been TWICE as self obsessed as i am right now!