30 May 2010

Thinks the expression should not be dead tired but f**k tired. For obv reasons..

28 May 2010

As a principle,I never wish any guy friend 'good night sleep tight' ;-)

16 May 2010

The only sona i m gonna get on this akshay tritiya is on my bed :(

08 May 2010

Nothing seemed right & u wer al alone.
Everything looked dark & d hapines ws al gone.
Somethin ws mising, Somethin ws not there.
Things were not great & life just dint seem fair.
A door opened & the room was filled with light.
A silhouette walked in & everything became alright.
Everything just changed in an instant, i have no idea how.
Wish time stops here coz i want to live in this moment right now

01 May 2010

No you pervert. SOS doesnt stand for Spit Or Swallow !!!!!