23 February 2010

Girlfriend : "What sucks more?? FB chat or Gtalk??"

Moron: "Wherever you are online" :-(

#PJsyoushouldnevercrack #fail

19 February 2010

Would it help even if save all the 1411 tigers?? I think we should atleast save 1 tigress too. I'm sure the tigers won't mind.. ;)

16 February 2010

I wonder if the birth rate in 'pondi'-cherry is higher than rest of india?

14 February 2010

I wonder if 'IBN'-e-Batuta was sponsored by CNN IBN???

02 February 2010

Q. Why did punjabi aunty slap the dentist? A. Coz he asked her to show her 'Batti-c' ;)