27 October 2009

Yest i was having a few amazing chats..
my friend was a bit jealous coz of my FB Stats..
Today i come to the office and i feel kinda locked..
Now i check my network and FB is blocked...

26 October 2009

Wo the DDLJ ka last Scene.
In love Raj and Simran for quite long, had been...
Raj ne train se apna haath badhaya.
Simran ne bhi poore zor se bhagne mein apna dum lagayaa...
Raj Bola, "Come fast my love, main chahta hu tumhare sath apni zindagi bitana".
Simran badi mehnat se 1 glass haath mein thamaakar boli, "Bhaiya, Next time aao to mere FB 'Cafe World' ki Chai peekar zarooor jana

25 October 2009

Humne do lamhein intezaar ko kaha aur wo khafaaa ho gaye..
Aur ek hum hai jo intezaar mein zindagi kaate ja rahe hain.

"Found a new friend some time back.
She was almost perfect and nothing she would lack..
She had Big, Dark Eyes and an ammazing Smile.
I kept staring at her picture, all this while..
I aint no normal jack, She aint no normal Jill.
The beginning ended, when she said, "Yes i like you, but I love Farmville"

21 October 2009

Its YOU who decides, to be happy or sad.

Dont bother abt wat was once yours or wat u cud have had...

Relax n take it easy, take some time to unwind.

coz being sad or happy is just a state of mind..

19 October 2009

Its kinda irritating when you wake up too early.

Your eyes are too small and your hair is curly..

Pls let me sleep some more, pls for heaven's sake.

Oh, i forgot... To mention that terrible headache!!!

18 October 2009

Expectations are like Tight Rope Walking.. The higher you go, Harder the Fall!!!

The day to go and visit, a friend for years you had to meet.

The day to burst crackers and DO something sweet..

To Forget all the miseries and cease all the fights.

Make the darkness vanish and let there be light..

Happy Diwali

15 October 2009

People are so obsessed with the future.. Everybody wants to get lucky.

I am so fed up now with Anita, Mirror and The Cookie..

Dont worry about the future, and forget about the past.

Present is what matters, enjoy till it lasts..

13 October 2009

You look at her and realize she's the one.. She's just perfect, her smile is like the early morning sun... It Feels like a feather, but strikes like a whip., When you read her status and it says 'In a Relationship' !!!

12 October 2009

Bass issi intezaar mein fanaa ho jaenge.. ke bass zabaan pe ek lafz to aa jaye....
Jald se kar do izhar, Kahin tum der kar do aur hamaare pote poti na ho jaye...

11 October 2009

Lose Anything and Back You Can Get...

Lose and Its Gone Forever, Its called Self Respect!!!

A New morning , A New Ray... A New Hope, A New Day.. All's good but still something is amiss.. Hope all have a great day, and thats all i wish!!

07 October 2009

Its past midnight and no sign of sleep. Theres a strange feel in my heart, down very deep..
I wonder what is wrong, coz time has lost its pace. I'm trying my level best but cant take that smile off my face..
I wonder whats it called. I wonder what feel is this. Why am i so confused now or is it what i think it is..

Dil mein hai dard.. Uth ta hai baar baar..

Kaash kambakhton ne 'Dil-prin' banayi hoti..

05 October 2009

Love is not about waiting for someone special but being with someone you know and making life special... Together.

03 October 2009

You were the only one i ever had. Without you i am all alone and going mad !!

You were always with me in shade or sun. Nothing can replace you, coz you were the one !!

I dont know how would i get over it, dont know if i Can. Will always love you as ever, Oh my 'Aviators Ray Ban' !!!!!

01 October 2009

Friendship is like whiskey not a Tequila shot.. The slower, The better..