27 December 2009

Q. How does a condom help in reducing telephone bill?
A. No STDs !!!

25 December 2009

I wish christmas was a girl. Then i could've also had a 'marry' christmas! ;-)

23 December 2009

Q. What's the winner of a fishing competition called?
A. A Master Baiter ;-)
RGV planning a sequel to 'Rann' with the cast of 'D' called 'Rann-D'
Dear FB, i dont like Poker but yeah would definitely wont mind a 'POKE HER' game!!

20 December 2009

#Suggestivepunchlines: Gillette Presto: Zada jaldi karoge to Katt jayega!!
Arey wah, Aapke aur mere khaya-laat kitne milte hain!!!!"
Kya Aapka shoe size bhi 7 hai???
#Suggestivepunchlines: " Polo: Whats your hole story? " ;-D
#Suggestivebrandnames: ITC launches new brand of potato chips called 'Bang Ho'

18 December 2009

Mahindra's rural tagline: sab 'logan' ki gaadi.

17 December 2009

Doublemeaningoffers: do u want a 'fag'??

16 December 2009

Is wondering if superman is a part of a 'frequent flier' program!

No wonder its called ASS-PIRATIONAL target

15 December 2009

Never trust mallika sherawat's word. she only believes in 'lip service'

No wonder most people hated The 'Ex' Files!!!

12 December 2009

#Doublemeaning songs: Pocket mein 'Rocket' hai!!

10 December 2009

what is bachhendri pal's fav sex position? Ans: woman on top! ;-)

08 December 2009

Himesh to Ranbir: Jai Mata Di, Lets Rock(et)!!!

06 December 2009

Love is more a function of time, than feelings

Funny thing about conversations: The More frequently you talk the more you 'have' stuff to talk about. The less you talk, more difficult you find what to talk about..

03 December 2009

Assesing 'self' worth: whats your biggest achievement apart from being your father's son?

02 December 2009

If you dont have time for your friends today.
Tomorrow, you will have all the time but no friends

01 December 2009

"Aur bhi Gum hai zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa.

Aur Unmein se Fevicol sabse accha chipkaata hai.. "

Pickup line in Inflationary Time:

"Hey, Did you hear Delhi Jal Board increased the water tariff by 50%? Why don't we bathe together tomorrow?"