12 September 2009

Katna Zindagi ka Niyam Hai: The cellphone Story

Preface: Friend buys phone. I Fall in lov with it. Get too feely, Sell my phone before evening and buy the new feely one!! yippiieee..

{Flashback: In full sepia tone}

Location: Some busy Redlight crossing
A guy knocks at my left window gesturing in a way that my car's tyre is on his foot. I open the window to know what it is.. Another guy knocks on the right. I turn right and With in a second, the left guy reaches for my mobile and runs. I look left. Gone. I look right. Gone. (I look stupid.. Yes) Red light turns Green. I come outta car. Asks a few policemen, They say yeah, we saw them running but obv u cant find them now.. poor you(You, Loser!!)!!

{Flashback 2: Still Sepia}

I buy the same phone(ya.. again.. coz i m in louuu with it).. Works pretty well and i m pretty happy despite paying twice for it!! Suddenly (although everything else seems to work) the touch screen stops working.. and i cant access ANY applications(including sms, keypad or phonebook)..

Service center 1: Wait for 1 hr and 30 minutes.
SC Guy1: "The touch screen aint working!! Gotta replace it.. Will take a week !!! (surprise.. surprise!!!)
Batla: "Cant it happen faster!!"
SC Guy1: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If it could, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

Drive.. Drive.. Drive..

Service Center 2: 30 minutes wait time here.
SC Guy2: "The touch screen doesnt work. Will take one week!!" (surprise again..)
Batla : "Cant you check where the touch screen is available in delhi?? I can go and get it from there!!"
SC Guy: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If it could, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

3, 5, 7,10 Days Later (The same scene on all four days)

Batla : "Have you received the part??"
SC Guy: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If I had, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

{Present: Full Technicolor}

Day 12:

Service Center2
Batla: Have you received the part??
SC Guy: "Sorry, Our license to run the authorized service center has been revoked!! Cant repair your phone. Try some other service center!!!!" (In a Sadistic tone)
Batla: Ouch!!!

The Call Center
Batla: Hello, Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. WTF. WTF. WTF. What do i do now???
Phone: "Note this address and come down."

Service Center 3

SC Guy3: The touch screen Doesnt work. (Surprise.. Surprise!!).Wait for 15 minutes(Yeah.. Minutes.. Not Days!!!).
Batla: What!!!!, Are you 'Kidding'???
SC Guy3: "Nope" (Bloody Loser, you are man.. If I was, wouldnt i have told you already!!!)

(He wasnt kidding.. He was serious!!)

15 minutes later..

SC Guy: Here you go!!
Batla: Thanks.. (Tears in eyes.. Almost reaching out to kiss the guy (I am so happy that he was a surd (coz i stopped) and not a woman, otherwise i could actually have been beaten up there)).

Moral of the story: All's well that ends well and Katna zindagi ka niyam hai.

(Although it should have taken 15 minutes, in the first place but took 12 days and 15 minutes (And 2 flash backs) )

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