28 July 2009

10 Things you never knew about Delhi Traffic!!

1. The Red light turns green faster, when you stop your car JUST ahead of the Zebra Crossing!

2. As soon as you change your lane in a jam, 'YOUR' lane would start moving faster!!

3. Pedestrians can dodge cars faster than keanu reeves dodges bullets!!

4. If I honk continuously for 25 seconds, the car ahead would automatically turn into a MIG 21!!

5. The autorickshawallah will ALWAYS give the right turn signal and then turn left!!

6. The Traffic always runs faster on the other side of the road!!

7. The first car which the traffic wallah will stop while clearing traffic will be yours!!

8. The traffic jam clears faster, if you start driving on the wrong side of the road!!

9. The Bikewallah will ALWAYS find the space to JUST sneak through, between your car and the road divider!!

10. The Driver behind has to take a test mentioning the nicknames of the kids in my house and who gifted me the car(Dad or Mom or Dad's Mom or Mom's Dad etc etc), as soon as he reaches back home. Or else his licence to drive 'WILL'be cancelled!!!

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