11 July 2009

10 Things you never knew about BARACK O-'BUM-AA...

10 Things you never knew about BARACK O-'BUM'-AA...
  1. He is an 'Ass'-thmatic!!
  2. When he was a kid, he always wanted to be an 'Ass'-tronaut!!
  3. He is planning to change how "Fannie" Mae is spelt in the US!!
  4. Before starting any new project, he consults an 'Ass'-trologer!!
  5. He drives an 'Ass'-ton Martin!!
  6. Apart from Brazillian he loves Indian 'Butt'-er Chicken too!!
  7. His favorite Stallone movie is "Ass-Ass-Ins"
  8. He is such an 'Ass'-tute politician!!
  9. His favorite transformers' character is 'Bum'-blebee!!
  10. 'Butt' Ofcourse, even after this controversy he still is the president of The U-'Ass'.


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hehe.. shud hv included this one too ;-D