13 August 2009

The Economics of Relationships

1. The Marginal Utility of the girlfriend goes down once the chase is over and done with and is inversly propotional with the time spent with each other.

2. After the status is changed to committed, the guy always moves to a higher 'indifference' curve

3. There is always an opportunity cost associated with the decision to get in or out of a relationship(which always seems to be wrong later, no matter what your choice has been)

4. 'Production Possibility Frontier' of the neighbouring college always seems to be higher in terms of quality of girls there in.

5. The guy in the BMW will always have a 'comparative advantage' over you

6. There is always perfect competition when you are the 'nerd' kinds.

7. The 'EX' and the 'WHY' coordinates always spoil the plotting of the graphs.

8. 'Capital' is more appropriate for production(or reproduction) as a resource than 'Labour'

9. If the price offered is higher, the 'supply' curve will always shift outwards

10. There is ALWYAS a demand supply mismatch. What you demand is short in supply and what is available is what you dont want.

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