15 March 2007


This was indeed funny and sad in a way.. I was at NM a couple of days back for a J-A-M ( Just a minute competition).. and some guy from a college saw me there.. and told another friend of mine in his college that 'I saw that Somaiya Snob there'.. And obviously the girl was a good friend and in the evening she tells me that.. And i started laughing.. not at her.. not at me.. but perceptions people have and judgements they make without even meeting somebody..

For god's sake man(for that matter women as well).. I am tired of this thing.. Its been years.. since my collge days.. Almost everybody who meets me for the first time thinks the same.. its like a pattern.. "You see me.. think i am a snob.. then as fate would have it.. We meet.. we talk.. the perceptions change.. we become the best of the friends.. and somebody tells you that i am a snob.. and you then starts defending me.." The same person who used to think i am a snob then defends me from the same comments.. Funny and Ironical!!!

I dont understand if a person takes his time to open up with people and likes to be with the people he likes to be with.. and if you find somebody (anybody for that matter.. as a generalization) sitting in a corner reading a book or some article on the net.. then does it mean that he feels that he is superior to the whole race and does not want to maintain an eye contact with anybody as that might not be worthy of it!!!!.. Well.. I wish I had SOME credentials to think the same.. But God wasnt really kind while forming my personality, So i dont have any.. ;-D

I am obviously not here for an explanation... But I would only like to ask people is to "STOP BEING JUDGEMENTAL".. Atleast till the time you actually MEET or TALK to somebody(anybody) yourself.. Some people might just be inherently shy or something.. Just go to them.. Have a small Conversation and then decide.. it aint too much to ask for.. or is it????

Well.. That was a generalized statement.. as far as I am concerned.. Now i dont really give it a thought to this 'snob' thing.. coz the people who KNOW the real me through the time they have spent with me.. I kno what they think about it.. and Nothing else matters...

So.. Dont bother about who dont matter.. Coz the people who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.. right, aint it??

Take Very good care of yourself..

Have Fun Work Hard..


Amol said...

Nice post snob.



abhishek said...

I couldn't agree more!

preet ki reet said...

great sir...