28 September 2010

Babri Vs Ayodhya

Killings and Massacre all over, There is blood on our hand.
We keep fighting like children, just for pieces of Land.

Happiness seems to be lost, there are only screams everywhere.
This deafening sound of violence, which no more i can bear.

Doesn't matter where you belong, be it saffron or Green.
There are distances all over, To take the first step no one is Keen

I wish all this gets over pretty soon.
The dark night is over and we see the new moon.

The new day arrives when there is just love and no fight.
The darkness deep inside us is gone and let there be light

1 comment:

Meghana said...

Classic, leftist trivialization of things they cannot agree with, or understand, thereby causing the increase of probability violence several times over.